Technology for your Success.

Zotec Partners’ proprietary technology ensures each and every charge is progressed through the revenue cycle until paid, and follows patient claims from start to finish and beyond.

You have claims. Zotec ensures they are pursued to completion.

Zotec’s technology comprises a large part of our revenue cycle management system because it establishes many of the billing and follow-up protocols we use to ensure claims get paid. Using the technology we have developed, Zotec is able to:

  • Specify individual billing protocols by payer
  • Incorporate specific follow-up protocols with payers
  • Work the often neglected 15% of exceptions in the revenue cycle
  • Store information about each contract payment plan
  • File insurance claims to carriers directly, with no clearinghouses
  • Achieve contact with patients via various access points
  • Analyze emergency medicine practice data in a meaningful way
  • Glean blinded data across our client database

Your success is our focus.

Zotec’s technology is constantly improving with new functions and features to meet your evolving revenue cycle and practice management challenges and opportunities.