Driving the Retail Financial Experience

We understand that patients are taking charge of their healthcare as consumers, shopping for their best choices, and demanding transparency in pricing and billing, which why we are making healthcare more accessible, transparent and manageable. Our engaging, consumer-friendly experiences help retail providers attract and retain new patients, resulting in positive financial outcomes for everyone. Built on a platform backed by decades of experience and expertise, with just one implementation of our Health Care Connect product, Zotec could ease the healthcare experience for more than 75% of the U.S.

Zotec is transforming the future of the healthcare business relationship with our retail partners. Here's how:

  • Transparency   We offer a complete payment experience to support full price transparency, helping patients control their healthcare costs, and providers receive payment quickly and efficiently.
  • Satisfaction   Health Care Connect eases friction for patients, helping them feel more satisfied with their care, while seamlessly supporting back-end processes to help providers focus more on their patients.
  • Empowering patients   Simplifying every stage of the healthcare relationship and helping patients make informed decisions as healthcare consumers.
  • Expertise   We have more than 100 credentialed experts who are ready for retail challenges and who are capable of delivering measurable client service and revenue results.
  • Proprietary Technology   Our innovations are setting the standard for managing rapidly changing, consumer-driven healthcare and providing data and analytics to identify and address changing practice trends and challenges.
  • Industry-Leading Support   Zotec providers clients and their patients 24/7/365 customer service support with online portals and other gateways to effective communication.

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Changing the rules of healthcare
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