Washington State Radiology Group Renews RCM Services Agreement with Zotec Partners

Renewal Based on Trusted Relationships and Access to Data in a Consolidating Market

INDIANAPOLIS (May 23, 2016)  –  Zotec Partners (Zotec), the industry-leading provider of radiology revenue cycle and practice management services, announces a revenue cycle management (RCM) services renewal with Radia Inc., PS, the largest and most progressive radiology group in the Pacific Northwest. In the extended agreement, Zotec will continue to manage the practice’s revenue cycle and offer RCM technologies and data access that contribute to the practice’s continued growth and sustainability.

Radia is comprised of a team of more than 100 board-certified radiologists, with specialty training in everything from Mammography to Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal to Interventional, providing more than 30 hospital and specialty clinic partners with on-site radiology coverage and interpretations. In addition, Radia owns and operates two outpatient imaging centers in western Washington.

Megan Colella, Radia’s director of revenue cycle management, cites a close relationship with Zotec’s client services manager as a key element in the practice’s ongoing RCM success, especially when it comes to assistance with day-to-day revenue cycle management strategies, stating, “It is important to work with a knowledgeable team member who possesses integrity and an honest approach in every interaction.” She also notes that it is critical for Radia to have access to more data, given recent and ongoing market consolidation combined with the rising demand for imaging. Zotec’s Comprehensive Zotec Analytics and Reporting (CZAR) technology gives Radia optimum transparency and access to meaningful business intelligence data, all of which helps the group make smart business decisions in a fast changing market.

Radiology practices increasingly turn to data analytics to help assure efficiency and effectiveness in a world of continued reimbursement pressures. As traditional radiology markets are disrupted by new business models, radiology practices need the support of a specialized RCM company to achieve their own business goals, according to David J. Law, executive vice president of sales and marketing with Zotec Partners, “As the largest physician-owned radiology group in the Pacific Northwest, Radia must leverage its big data in order to remain competitive, with a streamlined cost structure, while it continues to service a growing consumer influence and patients with high deductibles.“ Since Zotec is the largest radiology revenue cycle management provider in the United States, Radia will have more data access. “By using the analytics technologies Zotec provides as part of our RCM services, Radia can benchmark and model comparative data both regionally and nationally – resulting in a more sophisticated RCM solution with measurable results in all areas of the practice,” he says.

Zotec is the largest radiology revenue cycle management provider in the country, with more than 20 years in the radiology industry. It serves 35 of the nation’s top 100 radiology groups, including thousands of radiologists. Zotec integrates the best people, processes and technology for fast, accurate and compliant radiology reimbursement solutions. Zotec’s proprietary processes and technology manage in excess of 70 million medical encounters across all 50 states.


About Zotec Partners

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