Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management for your Success.

Zotec Partners' revenue cycle management system reduces the cost of collections while also capturing every charge and ensuring accurate and fast payment, because we go directly to payers without a third-party clearinghouse. Our “open book” philosophy allows clients to see what we’re doing on their behalf, with total visibility of your practice’s essential business information.

You work hard. Zotec ensures you get what you’re entitled to.

Our unique blend of proprietary software technology and skilled professionals make up a state-of-the-art revenue cycle management system that offers:

  • Complete and compliant charge capture
  • Detailed claims and denials management
  • Continual coding education and improvement
  • Business intelligence and analytics tools
  • Nonstop information monitoring
  • Patient access innovations

Your success is our focus.

We work hard to increase collections, reduce days in accounts receivable, minimize compliance risks and improve net income for our clients.

Here’s how Zotec’s revenue cycle management system reduces risks, lowers costs and improves your bottom line. 

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