Strengthening business performance by enhancing the patient experience

Empower your patients with usability

Our patient financial experience offers frictionless appointment scheduling and cost transparency to empower positive patient transactions. When patients can easily navigate the healthcare experience, their satisfaction and loyalty increases—creating a better healthcare experience for all.

At the forefront of healthcare transformation

At the forefront of healthcare transformation

Drive your business outcomes with data insights

Zotec’s proprietary Electronic Billing Center is interoperable and agnostic to any EHR solution, and our Comprehensive Zotec Analysis & Reporting (CZAR) dashboard technology works 24/7/365 to actively monitor and alert users to any changes within the entire revenue cycle.

Safeguard your business and your patients

We are committed to comprehensive compliance, privacy and security programs that minimize your risk in the face of increasing regulatory complexity and scrutiny. To prove it, we have achieved industry-recognized security certifications to safeguard you and your patients.

At the forefront of healthcare transformation