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Complete Revenue Cycle Management

We’re committed to ensuring our people and our processes deliver optimum financial success for your specific anesthesiology practice revenue needs. For this reason, Zotec invests heavily in our employees, proprietary billing processes and revolutionary technology to ensure every claim is paid accurately and quickly. Take a moment to get to know us, and we think you’ll agree that our reimbursement results yield a better bottom line for you.

With Zotec, your anesthesiology business is complete.

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What makes Zotec’s revenue cycle management service complete?

  • Expertise   Our teams of experienced, knowledgeable revenue cycle professionals deliver measurable client service and revenue results.
  • Practice Management    Our expert management team offers personalized service with core consulting, crafted for your practice’s growth and success.
  • Technology   Our unmatched proprietary technology is specifically designed to meet any revenue cycle challenge and ensure every charge gets adjudicated on time.
  • Business Intelligence    Our CZAR technology allows anesthesiologists to mine practice data 24/7/365 for optimum transparency.
  • Transparency   We offer clients and their patients 24/7/365 access with online portals and other gateways to effective communication.
  • Compliance   We maintain the highest levels of compliance and integrity to minimize client risks.
  • Implementation   Our implementation team transitions new clients to our revenue cycle platform accurately and seamlessly.
  • Patient Experience    We provide a seamless patient experience by offering 24/7/365 access to patient portals and interactive phone systems for easy account management.

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  • Zotec has been essential to our practice in providing detailed information on our accounts and working closely with our practice manager and accountants . They have also been extremely timely in all our contacts and requests for any information we may need. We have been with Zotec since their inception and highly value their expertise and help in all areas of our anesthesia practice including contract negotiations with all our insurance carriers. Zotec is indeed the "best of the best.”

    - Louis D. Bojrab, M.D. Community Anesthesia Associates
  • The ability to have virtual, real-time access to our reports is huge for our business. Their data mining ability is outstanding, and when it comes to contract negotiations, it’s necessary. Our clients deserve the best care, and that’s where our focus and attention needs to be. Not worrying about back end functions is a huge benefit for not only our staff, but for our patients as well.

    - Andrew K. Satz, M.D. Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC
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