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California Medical Business Services, Inc. Licenses Zotec Partners’ Electronic Billing Center Suite

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California Medical Business Services, Inc. Licenses Zotec Partners’ Electronic Billing Center Suite

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – November 21, 2007 – Zotec Partners, LLC, a solutions firm providing state-of-the art proprietary medical billing services and licensed software to hospital-based physician specialty practices across the U.S., is announcing today that California Medical Business Services, Inc. (CMBS) of Arcadia, CA, has licensed the Electronic Billing Center and Radiology Information System software from Zotec Partners.

CMBS is a full service medical practice management firm and a subsidiary of The Hill Medical Corporation, a group of 18 physicians providing radiology services at Huntington Memorial Hospital and other facilities. CMBS undertakes practice management, and billing and collections services for The Hill Medical Corp. and other hospital-based groups. The company has been in business since 1977.

“Zotec Partners will play a significant role in helping CMBS meet its mission of providing our customers with cost-effective practice management solutions,” said Gregory M. Kusiak, MBA, president of California Medical Business Services, Inc. “We considered a number of products, but Zotec Partners showed us they truly understand automated process flow in the radiology billing business. Their data analysis reporting tool, Decision Support, is a goldmine for anyone involved in the proactive management of a high volume physician practice. In our opinion their integrated medical billing software is the best on the market and we’re excited to be in line for implementation.”

Zotec Partners, LLC provides solutions to over 5,500 physicians in 45 states. The Electronic Billing Center is the industry leading software designed specifically to accomplish better patient care, enhance workflow management, eliminate unnecessary labor, track productivity and get cash in the door.

“Adding CMBS to our list of clients further establishes our company’s presence in the Western United States. It shows that Zotec Partners continues to have significant organic growth following our recent mergers,” said Steve Collins of Zotec Partners. “The contract with CMBS has much to do with the relationships in place in the California market as a result of our merger with Healthcare Management Partners in Santa Ana earlier in 2007. We intend to continue to grow our business through major mergers, acquisitions and new client software and outsourced billing contracts.”

For more information about Zotec Partners, LLC visit www.zotec.com. To learn more about California Medical Business Services, Inc. visit www.cmbsi.com.


About Zotec Partners
Founded in 1998 by CEO, Scott Law, Zotec Partners is the Indianapolis-based industry leader in medical billing, practice management and Radiology Information Systems software. Zotec offers a comprehensive suite of medical billing and practice management tools designed to make operations more efficient and productive in medical offices. Zotec’s solutions are customized to specifically match the needs of each business, minimizing the time and training needed to integrate. Currently, Zotec’s flagship product, the Electronic Billing Center (EBC) practice management/billing software suite is in 45 states and over 5,500 physician offices in the United States. For press inquiries contact Megan Lawler of Dittoe Public Relations at 317-202-2280 or megan@dittoepr.com. For more information on Zotec, visit www.zotec.com.

About California Medical Business Services, Inc.
California Medical Business Services, Inc. (CMBSI) is a full service medical practice management firm. Billing and collections for hospital-based groups represents their core business. CMBSI has been providing these services since 1977. The size and flexibility of their firm has afforded them the ability to rapidly and successfully respond to the many changes in the healthcare industry, especially over the past five years. The group’s mission is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for their practice management needs. For more information on California Medical Business Services, Inc., visit www.cmbsi.com.